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Party Like a Taurus! 

What to Wear: Anything plush, leather, or suede — even if it’s hot outside. Due to the foodie tendencies of this birthday honoree, you might also consider an expandable waistband.

What to Eat: Think in Bacchanalian proportions. Taurus lives for sensual pleasure, so deliver it with several courses of creamy, rich, and savory dishes — and don’t forget the roast beef!

Guests: Taurus might pretend to not care who comes, but unless you invite everybody on this territorial person’s buddy list, you could be in for some sulking.

Location: Pick a venue that at least looks posh. Taurus always likes to experience a “nothing but the best” kind of birthday.

Cake: Nothing finishes the job of clogging up the arteries like a gooey, chocolatey dessert — think volcano cake or Mississippi mud pie.

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Taurus: Gemstones 

Amber: Amber is not actually a stone, but the petrified resin of trees that once grew in forests along the Baltic sea — appropriately earthy origins for nature-loving Taurus. Amber’s gold-orange color is known for grounding and stabilizing higher spiritual energies into the physical body. Its influence is simultaneously calming and energizing, enhancing patience, protection and balance. Amber is said to absorb negative energy, thereby promoting the body’s ability to heal itself.

Additional gemstones associated with Taurus: Rose Quartz, Turquoise, Blood Coral, Emerald, Sapphire

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Tips for a Taurus to Conquer Holiday Family Stress 

Taurus, you’re the peacemaker, and your family relies on you to solve disputes over the dinner table during the holidays. And you know what? That stresses you out! You don’t like to witness conflict or hurt feelings, and it’s even worse if you can’t help settle everyone down because then you feel like you’ve failed. If you find yourself stressed by family drama this year, use your stubborn nature to cope. Insist everyone calm down and speak respectfully, and don’t walk away until peace prevails.

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Gifts for Taurus 

Taurus appreciates any gift that appeals to his or her sensual side. A box of gourmet chocolates, a richly colored tapestry, or a soft cashmere blanket are all great options for Bulls. This sign also enjoys having money to play with, so a gift certificate to their favorite store is a welcome option. Always remember that quality is more important than quantity — Taurus would rather have a small bottle of expensive cologne than a carafe of the cheap stuff.

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A Taurus Nightmare 

Wait a minute… whose car is that in your garage? Okay, the one you had was breaking down every other day and you were thinking about replacing it… but it was a comfy jalopy and, besides, you hadn’t finished your research. Now someone has gone and made up your mind for you. That’s not fair!

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Dating a Taurus 

Think slow and easy with this one, perhaps suggesting a relaxed picnic lunch at the beach or park. They’re notable eaters from the down home type to the gourmand, so trying out several restaurants can keep you busy for a while. For extra points, cook up a full course meal at home and invite them over. A movie is nice because you don’t have the pressure to talk, but can still grow closer through the shared cinematic experience.

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What we love about Taurus

Taurus’ sensual nature and love of beauty, food and art makes the world a more pleasurable place for everyone.

Why Taurus drives us nuts

Stubborn Taurus never gives up and always holds their ground — even when they’re wrong, which is crazymaking!

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