How to: Win the Heart of a Lesbian Taurus 

So you want to tip a cow? Be careful — there’s always a small chance she could charge. If you think that’s what you want, think again. Once in a while, Taurus will lose control, but in her natural state she’s a very civilized creature. In fact, the earthy bull is very fond of earthly delights. Lure her to your pastures with sensual perfume — not the cheap drug store stuff, which will send her running for the hills. But she will appreciate something expensive and tasteful. Dress in calming greens and blues made from silks and finely woven fabrics and invite her to touch. Pop open a bottle of champagne and put out some chèvre while you grill up the filet mignon, and you can tie her to your picket.

Not that she was really struggling to break away. Taureans believe that partnership is necessary and important; they like stability and order, after all. She’s ready to fall for the first pretty little thing that casts a sidelong glance in her direction. Your Taurus might seem a little impassive at first, but let her know you’re sincere about adding her to your health plan and she’ll be putty in your hands. She’ll even be faithful to you, as long as you don’t play games and give her a little autonomy.

Let her go to the bar without you — then light scented candles and sprinkle some rose petals in the bubble bath. Get out the edible massage oils and lick each other all over. She’ll be delighted that you were thoughtful enough to combine sex and taste, her two favorite things. She’ll be beside herself with pleasure, and she’ll bend over backwards to let you know it. Literally, she’d be happy to try the open scissor position, but she would prefer something a bit more intimate. Wrap your legs around her waist and lean in for some deep, sensual kissing. Just be sure to schedule some time for pillow talk when you’re through.

What To Expect On A Lesbian Taurus Date

  • Cozy candlelit dinners, with plenty of wine.
  • Eyeing up the hostess; she’s awfully pretty.
  • Lying in a grassy field watching the clouds go by.
  • Live chamber music — it’s so relaxing.
  • A long, sensuous couple’s massage — don’t forget the oil.
  • Getting comfortable on her plush velvet couch.
  • Falling asleep to a calming ocean waves CD.
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