Leo Male Teen Profile 

No small pond for the Leo gentleman - his swimming hole is a big one, and he’ll be the kingfish in it for sure. The Lion boy is a charmer, someone who will set the rules and play by them, at least for a while. He could get bored, though, at which time he’ll simply find a new game! A well-liked lad, the Leo boy will be the leader of his pack as well as the captain of the football team. When it comes to his studies, this fellow will know how to charm his way to an “”A”” since he can’t stand the thought of being second best. College will likely be via a sports scholarship to boot. Will this fellow grow up to be an actor or president of the United States? Driven by ambition and vitality, he wants it all. His flamboyance and love of attention make him a natural at fame. Since Leos take pride in their warm hospitality, start planning a date to enjoy a guest stay at his Beverly Hills mansion.

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