October Forecast for Pisces 

The Best Laid Plans…

If you’re in the middle of launching an important new career endeavor that requires venture capital, you may need to exercise patience this month as you wait for funds to arrive. Last month you had a gorgeous boost to help you get a new business or professional opportunity off the ground, thanks to Mars entering your 10th House of Status and Honors for the first time in two years.

This month, you’ll still have the help of Mars, but Mercury Retrograde is in effect from October 4-25. Because Mercury Retrograde occurs mostly in the area of your chart ruling joint finances and money you receive from banks or private investors, you might feel as if you’ve taken one giant leap forward … only to be pulled two steps back.

Take heart — if there is a delay, you still have every indication that the funds will arrive. Just breathe! In the meantime, it could be a frustrating month financially, because you’ll need to figure out how to pay for certain expenses in the interim. News on October 8 and again on October 11 may be particularly aggravating in terms of finances.

So, what’s a Pisces to do? Be prepared and formulate a plan. This will be a good month to cut out all unnecessary expenses and try to collect that money your friend borrowed from you ages ago. If all else fails, put unwanted items up for sale on eBay or have a garage sale. Be proactive and know that your finances will finally regulate by next month.

Career: Keep an Open Mind

Dealing with people in delicate situations is one of your strengths, which comes in handy now. That’s because October begins with the Sun in peacemaking Libra in your 8th House of Transformation. Your ability to maintain an open mind in the midst of a struggle can help to keep it from heating up into a serious conflict. However, the desire for harmony with colleagues, customers and managers should not come at the expense of your own interests.

Libra, while gracious, is also a sign of fairness, meaning that you need to be fair to yourself, too. You may be inclined to be a bit reckless financially, with the explosive Full Moon in Aries in your 2nd House of Resources on October 8. This is a very volatile event, thanks to the proximity of rebellious Uranus, which can spur impulsive spending. The potential benefit of this powerful event is to revive excitement about developing your talents. Perhaps using these gifts in an entirely different way could lead to a new career. In any case, think carefully before committing your cash.

On October 23, the Sun enters watery Scorpio, a sign compatible with yours. This transit occurs in your 9th House of Travel and Higher Education, offering opportunities in these areas. Repurposing old skills, perhaps with additional training, might lead to a more rewarding future.

Inspiration comes on October 27-28, when your imaginative ruling planet, Neptune, forms harmonious trines with artistic Venus and the Sun. This is a useful wave of creativity and cooperation to end the month on a happy note.

Love: Love and Money Don’t Mix

As October begins, it’s likely a financial issue weighs heavy on your mind. Your partner’s money, as well as your own, will be involved.

This will be especially true if you’re married, living together, or otherwise share in expenses. You might also have a loan out together, such as a business loan, mortgage, or a line of credit in both of your names. Whatever the details, it appears there will be a heavy focus on how to solve a financial problem jointly this month. Unfortunately, instead of coming together you might initially play the blame game or harbor resentment about how you got into a difficult scenario in the first place.

A tense Lunar Eclipse on October 8 might lead to a source of income drying up for you, and if so that will make things even more frustrating. You don’t want to rely on your mate for support, but sometimes we all need a shoulder to lean on to help hold us up while we regroup.

Don’t make any sudden changes in finances out of fear near October 11. If you panic, and if you’re tempted to do something rash, such as drain a joint account or IRA to pay bills, this may only add to the trouble between you and your mate. Do what you can to nourish honest dialogue together, and make a plan you both agree to — even if you both don’t like it 100 percent.

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October Forecast for Aquarius 

Navigating Rough Waters

Communication, teaching and learning may be a focal point for you this month — but it won’t always be smooth sailing. Near October 8 you might hear about a contract or other agreement coming to an end, and if you’re in a position to re-negotiate it, you’ll need to gather all of your patience. The good news is that a new agreement can be reached, but it may take until after October 25 before you truly see progress.

You won’t want to sign until then anyway. Mercury Retrograde is in effect from October 4-25, giving you the delays, but it also gives you time to gain perspective about whatever it is you’re trying to reformulate. Another possibility is that during this time you’ll be pondering a decision about whether or not to go back to school to obtain an advanced degree or certification. If you’re already enrolled, you may need extra study time to absorb a difficult lesson, or you may have a misunderstanding with one of your professors.

Fortunately, things start to look up by October 23. In fact, gorgeous fresh start is indicated for you after this time in career. If you’ve wanted to launch a new business or reach for a promotion, your best time will be at month’s end. Wonderful!

Career: Schemes and Dreams

Your inventive brain can be easily so far ahead of others that they don’t readily understand your ideas. Slowing down to make sure people are on the same page as you is especially important when you’re working on a big plan. Seeing far, yet remaining accessible, is a key to tapping into the mental, social and visionary skills of the Libra Sun in your 9th House of Higher Mind.

You might be cooking up big schemes and dreams in a state of restlessness, which is fine. But with communicative Mercury Retrograde from October 4-25, it’s easy to be misunderstood. This reversal pattern starts in your 10th House of Career, so managing messages and details on the job is essential. Avoid piling more on your professional plate until you’ve tied up loose ends and completed unfinished tasks.

Patience may be hard to come by, though, around the impetuous Full Moon in Aries on October 8, which is joined by your revolutionary ruling planet, Uranus, to provoke surprises and spontaneity. While brilliant ideas and sudden breakthroughs are possible, speaking too quickly could trigger conflict. Think twice before speaking, particularly if you’re excited or agitated.

On October 23, the Sun enters passionate Scorpio and your 10th House of Career, which could put more responsibilities on your plate. But you can also use this month-long transit to transform your work life. Eliminating attitudes, individuals and activities that stifle your growth may seem extreme, but it gives you the clarity needed to recognize how to use your talents and desires to transform your career.

Love: A Storm is Coming

Communication might be more than a little bit tricky between you and a lover this month, and in this case forewarned is forearmed! Mercury is the ruler of your romance sector, so when this trickster planet turns retrograde it’s always a signal there might be more than a few misunderstandings on the horizon between you and your sweetheart. Mercury Retrograde occurs from October 4- 25, and after October 10 he’ll backpedal into the sign of partnership, Libra. Uh-oh.

As if that wasn’t enough of a signal, a difficult Lunar Eclipse will fall in your message sector on October 8. Words are likely to fire out of your mouth in the most erratic way. On October 11, you might make a snap, heated decision having to do with your love life that you later regret. If possible, try to take this month’s energy as a signal to internally review everything that is happening in your relationship rather than make any hasty choices.

If single, after October 23 you may develop a crush on someone that is in a position of authority connected to your career. Make sure he or she reciprocates the attraction before you reveal too much about your own. Remember, mixing business with pleasure is always a bit risky. In this case, it looks like it could be a good thing, but with all of the communication clouds swarming inside your head you’ll be better off waiting until next month to figure this one out.

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October Forecast for Capricorn 

Practice Patience

The month might begin with a crawl, but it’ll certainly end with a rush! On October 8, a Lunar Eclipse in your home and family sector might bring a stressful domestic situation to a head. You’ll need to be available in case a relative needs your support during a crisis. Another possibility is that you’re in the midst of a move and it’s not going smoothly. Patience!

With Mercury Retrograde in your career sector until October 25, you may feel as if you’re fumbling with your words more than usual around VIP’s. Avoid signing new contracts or other vital paperwork connected to your profession if possible, at least until after Mercury Direct. You might miss something important in the fine print, or you may discover after you’ve signed that you’ve inadvertently put yourself in a corner professionally. This will, however, be a great time to re-evaluate plans about a career goal or reconnect with important figures connected to your industry that you may have lost touch with.

Everything really seems to change for you after October 26. That’s when Mars, the planet of motivation and energy, enters your sign for the first time in two years! Mars will remain here until December 4, and during these weeks you’ll be in an enviable position. Not only will you enjoy greater stamina and courage to help you launch and push ahead on personal goals, but you’ll stop at nothing to ensure their success. You’re a force to be reckoned with!

Career: Bite Your Tongue

Managing professional relationships is a key theme this month, with the Sun in gracious Libra and your 10th House of Career until October 23. Yes, this does mean you may need to bite your tongue and make some compromises to keep the peace at work. But if you’re into building alliances in your current employment situation or to starting a new enterprise, diplomacy is a must.

Assertive Mars is hiding in your secretive 12th House of Privacy until October 26, which means that what you do that’s not seen or appreciated by others may be more significant than what happens publicly. Fighting for a cause quietly to support your beliefs is noble, as long as it doesn’t alienate someone who is important to your career.

The Full Moon in Aries on October 8 is ferociously independent, even rebellious. It lands in your 4th House of Roots to inspire you to take a totally fresh look at your ambitions and plans. A sudden change of course is possible, or at least a change of mind, but knowing you’re going to leave your present situation doesn’t mean you must tell people about it yet.

Gathering the support of colleagues and friends comes with the Sun’s move into Scorpio and your 11th House of Groups on October 23. Your ability to evaluate the abilities and resources of others comes in handy if you’re managing them or assessing their value as professional partners. Sensitive Scorpio responds to subtle signals better than direct pressure, so don’t be too pushy.

Love: Rise Above It All

If you’re married or in a committed partnership, tense circumstances having to do with a domestic situation around October 8 might threaten the peace of your relationship.

If this is the case, it’s likely to involve a matter that’s been taking place behind the scenes for some time. Now that it’s in your awareness, however, you and your mate will need to address it — as well as how it may affect your union. Fortunately, if you’re committed to riding out the wave there’s a good chance that you and your partner will rise above all of the tension and frustration holding hands.

In other news, if you’re single and looking for new love potential, a Solar Eclipse in your 11th House of Groups and Friends, along with Venus entering the same part of your chart on October 23, should do the trick. You’ll have a glorious opportunity to meet someone in a group setting or through a friends’ introduction. You might also consider setting up a profile on an Internet dating website, or sending a private message to that Facebook friend you’ve always wanted to get to know better.

You’ll be unstoppable after October 26! Mars will enter your sign for the first time in two years, and it will remain here until December 4. During this time you’ll have plenty of courage to go after what (and who) you want. Yes!

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October Forecast for Sagittarius 

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

You’ll have Mars in your sign for most of the month — until October 26th — allowing you to make steady progress on anything you began recently or plan on launching now. You’ll need to be diligent about using this energy in your favor, however. While Mars in your sign can be an unstoppable force, there are conflicting energies at play this month that may pull you in different directions, taking your focus away from the goals most personally vital to you.

For one thing, Mercury Retrograde is in effect from October 4-25, and it’s possible that during this time you’ll experience a frustrating miscommunication between you and a pal or in a social situation. Don’t allow it to get out of hand, and be sure not to participate in any gossip — that will only backfire in your face.

If there’s a rocky romance in your life, you may decide to end things with your lover near the Lunar Eclipse on October 8. Another possibility is that you’ll go through a tense time with a child — perhaps he or she will be going through a difficult situation and will need your full attention. You’ll be there. In fact, you’ll be a rock of support.

A large expense may arrive after October 26, but if this happens you won’t be derailed. This might even motivate you to pursue a secondary source of income. Go for it!

Career: Bold and Restless

Teamwork is a key issue for you this month, as October opens with the Sun in compromising Libra and your 11th House of Groups. This may involve more conversations and negotiations before getting things done, which is probably not your ideal way to operate. But because communicative Mercury is retrograde from October 4-25, it’s wise to work on the little things that can make a big difference in your career.

Taking a cautious approach to work can be challenging around October 8, though, when you’re more likely to feel bold and restless than usual. It’s the day of the Full Moon in impulsive Aries, which is heated to an even higher degree of individualism by its conjunction with rebellious Uranus. You’re even fueled by a free-flowing trine between active Mars and your enthusiastic ruling planet Jupiter that day.

Yes, you’ll need to look beyond the boring matters of your daily routine and the security provided by a steady income. Give yourself some time to think outside the box and stretch the limits of your creativity. If you’re not feeling playful or personally expressive, get plenty of exercise to channel the passion pumping in your blood. Ideally, you’ll take some chances to explore and express new ideas. Just don’t make any commitments yet, because in spite of your excitement or impatience, you may need more time to think through your emerging plan.

Working behind the scenes supportively might not sound thrilling, but it is an excellent approach beginning on October 23, when the Sun enters Scorpio and your secretive 12th House of Privacy.

Love: Go After What You Want

Romance might be on the rocky side this month. Rough even. But the funny thing is you appear to thrive amid these tense circumstances. A difficult Lunar Eclipse in your true love sector on October 8 might bring a “make it or break it” type of energy between you and a lover. If you’re dating someone and you know the relationship has nowhere to go, it’s likely that will end.

If you’re in love and determined to stick out any stormy weather, however, you can. The lesson for you here will be getting through your first major rough patch together. You may decide on some temporary time apart in order to figure things out, and if so that’s OK. Breathing room doesn’t hurt love that’s already strong. It only strengthens it, because it’ll add more oxygen to the relationship overall.

Mars will remain in your sign for most of the month — until October 26. Use this supercharged energy to go after what you truly want in your relationship. Remember, the eclipse might be tense, but because it’s in Aries, that means its ruler is Mars. With Mars in your sign there is every opportunity for you and your partner to come out winners — even if you must spend time in the boxing ring together first. Hey, that might even wind up being fun.

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October Forecast for Scorpio 

Free Your Mind, the Rest Will Follow

This will be a pivotal month for you in many ways. Mercury stations retrograde in your sign on October 4, and by October 10 he will backtrack into the area of your chart that rules privacy, secrets and anxieties.

Until Mercury turns direct on October 25, you might spend a great deal of time going within in order to edit (or in some cases delete) any mindset you carry that’s unhealthy. This perspective (and it can be on absolutely anything) will likely connect to a memory from your past that affected you in far-reaching ways. Now, you’ll have an opportunity to free yourself from the constraints this past experience put upon you once and for all.

The news is promising for a fresh start, especially after the Solar Eclipse in your sign on October 23. Coupled with Venus moving into your sign on this day, too, it’s likely you’ll be ready to launch something new connected to your identity, a relationship and/or how you earn money. Reveal your talents without hesitation, and be sure to go after what you want in love. If single, October 27- 28 are brilliant days for new romance. If you’re already attached, they’ll still sparkle — and you’ll know you’ve got a true spiritual connection with your lover.

After October 26, the courage behind your words will be incredible. Not only will Mercury be direct, but your co-ruler Mars will enter your communication sector. Blaze new trails when it comes to expressing yourself. You will be heard.

Career: Go Behind the Scenes

The first three weeks of October are very different than the last one this year. That’s because the Sun is in Libra and your 12th House of Obscurity until October 23. You might feel invisible or overlooked, especially if you’re seeking attention. Yet this period is better for working behind the scenes than standing in the spotlight. Finishing tasks and tying up loose ends are positive activities during this period. Providing quiet support for others is another way to use this relatively obscure time to your professional advantage.

Another factor is Mercury Retrograde from October 4-25, when misinterpreting information and being snagged by minor details are more common. To avoid frustration, be extra careful in communication and managing minor matters.

Happily, the tide turns in your favor when the Sun enters your passionate sign and your impressive 1st House of Personality on October 23. You even get an extra boost of energy with the New Moon in your sign later that day. This offers you a double-dose of initiative that’s sweetened when alluring Venus enters Scorpio that day, and joins the Sun two days later. Self-acceptance and appreciation for your untapped abilities makes you more valuable to others. But if you lack the skills to advance your career, this alignment could lure you into investing the resources needed to develop them.

Assertive Mars enters the picture on October 26, when it moves into competent and ambitious Capricorn. Putting ideas, information and your thinking in order are called for with this transit of your data driven 3rd House of Information.

Love: Change Your Mindset

Expect to feel a stronger urge this month to be alone with your thoughts — especially those concerning relationship. Mercury will be retrograde from October 4-25, and after October 10 it’ll backtrack into your 12th House of Privacy. This will prompt you to reconsider all of those ideas you have about love that might actually lead to sabotaging your relationships rather than support them.

Honor the opportunity to revise any thought patterns that might be unhealthy now. If you feel it would help, seek the guidance of a counselor to help you sort through any of the muddle. Don’t avoid making changes to your mindset, because this will help you make the most of the powerful and positive changes that are coming your way by October 23.

At this time, a Solar Eclipse will fall in your sign, along with Venus moving into Scorpio on the very same day! Venus is the planet of love, and when she’s in your sign you feel more confident and alluring — qualities that are sure to help you attract new love or enhance your current relationship. Combined with the Solar Eclipse, this suggests a potent fresh start in both your identity and partnership. Make it count!

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October Forecast for Libra 

Buckle Up For a Bumpy Ride

October is going to get challenging, Libra! Of course, you’ll get through any difficult Astrology, so don’t set off your inner panic button just yet. In fact, the changes that come your way this month, although unsettling, are ones that deep in your heart you know need to happen.

It all begins on October 8, when a troublesome Lunar Eclipse in your partnership sector signals a potential ending to a personal or business relationship. This parting of ways may not be as friendly as you’d hope, but it’s clear that it needs to happen.

While Mercury turns retrograde on October 4, on October 10 he’ll backtrack into your sign, where he’ll remain in retrograde motion until October 25. This communication chaos may add to the frustration you feel in this relationship. You want to get your thoughts out, but it’s possible the other person will not be receptive to them, or they won’t understand what you’re trying to convey. You may have to just let this one go.

The good news is that after October 23 your finances look much brighter. In fact, you may have a new opportunity to make extra cash that will absolutely delight you. You’ll be in the drivers’ seat when it comes to any changes that happen in the earned income department. Thankfully, those changes appear to flow in a positive direction!

If you’re thinking about a home renovation project, begin it after October 26. You’ll have plenty of stamina for DIY endeavor!

Career: Rock the Boat

Your energy should be up with the Sun in your sign and your 1st House of Personality until October 23. But if you’re not feeling as confident as you’d like, use this period to work on your self-esteem. Updating your look or altering your approach to others should make you more comfortable in expressing yourself. Getting attention comes more easily now … if you want it.

There is one matter to consider, though, if you’re planning on initiating a plan or project. That’s Mercury, the messenger planet, in retrograde from October 4-25. Little misunderstandings and minor matters of detail can take on undesirable importance if you’re not entirely clear about what you hear and say. Activities that are already underway could be delayed by petty details, which is why double-checking everything is so important now.

Your emotions are likely to be very strong around the impetuous Full Moon in Aries on October 8. It is joined by unpredictable Uranus in your 7th House of Others, triggering surprising behavior by colleagues, bosses or customers. On the same day, your gracious planet Venus hooks up in a stressful square with provocative Pluto. This can undermine trust in relationships and cause you to question your value.

Trying to dance to someone else’s tune might not be enough to restore peace and harmony, though. In fact, this event is meant to provoke breakthroughs in who and how you connect that are best begun by you. Don’t be afraid to rock the boat if you’re not enjoying the place it’s taking you.

Love: Irreconcilable Differences

Buckle up, Libra — when it comes to love and romance, October might be a little bumpy. Or a lot.

On October 8, a potent Lunar Eclipse in your opposite sign, Aries, may signal a harsh ending to a relationship that’s on the rocks. This could be in your business life or your personal world, but either way it’ll hit close to your heart.

If it does focus on a personal relationship, it’s possible you and your mate are parting ways due to irreconcilable differences that have more to do with the domestic arena than anything else. If you love each other enough, and if you both want to try working through things, then you might be determined to push through this tension. If, however, one or both of you have had enough, then the family tension that might occur this month will only add to the mutual frustration.

As if this weren’t enough, Mercury Retrograde occurs in your sign from October 10-25, adding to the likelihood that you won’t be able to communicate yourself clearly to your partner. Keep trying. Whether a relationship ends for you this month or not, your voice deserves to be heard.

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October Forecast for Virgo 

Balance the Books

With your ruling planet, Mercury, retrograde from October 4-25, you might feel as if you’re second-guessing many of your decisions for most of the month. While it’s true this won’t be an ideal time to launch any new communications-related projects, sign contracts or purchase an electronic device, at the same time Mercury Retrograde is always a valuable cycle for you, despite its occasional frustrations.

This time around, Mercury Retrograde will help you decipher what needs revision in terms of your financial plans. Adding to this is a potent Lunar Eclipse affecting your financial axis on October 8. Money matters will be impossible to ignore. How sound is your budget? Do you have a solid understanding of how much money is coming in and where it’s going each month? This will be a great time to take stock of expenses, income, and to evaluate any money-making ideas you have swirling inside your head. Put them into action after October 25.

In other news, from October 26 until December 4, Mars will move into your 5th House of Creativity and Romance for the first time in two years. This is a brilliant transit that often coincides with more fun, romance and an enhanced libido. For a sign who always works so hard, making time for the lighter side of life will be a welcome change. You deserve it!

Career: Deep Thoughts

Staying cool under intense conditions is a key to your professional well-being this month. That’s because your cerebral ruling planet, Mercury, will be retrograde from October 4-25, a period when miscommunication is more common. Handling details and addressing travel and equipment issues with patience, precision and skill will go a long way to reduce the likelihood of problems. If you have any questions about the accuracy of information, double-check to be sure to avoid unnecessary complications.

On the plus side, Mercury Retrograde is favorable for reconnecting with people from your past, and for regenerating interest in subjects you’ve ignored for quite a while. The life-giving Sun is in Libra and your 2nd House of Self-Worth until October 23. This should give you a more objective picture of income and resource matters.

Mercury backs over the Sun on October 16 to offer a great deal of clarity about your economic and psychological needs. If you’re considering any investments in education or materials, it’s wise to have a knowledgeable person with whom you can discuss your ideas.

The Sun shifts into passionate Scorpio on October 23, which is also the day of the New Moon. This occurs in your 3rd House of Learning and Local Travel, triggering the desire to deepen your education and explore nearby places. But you might not feel the full force of this event until Mercury stops its backward motion two days later. Deep thinking and engaging in confidential conversations are powerful sources of insight and inspiration in the weeks to come.

Love: Heal Your Heart

This month might lead to a pivotal turning point for you in matters of the heart.

First, on October 8, a Lunar Eclipse will illuminate any vulnerability you have when it comes to surrendering to intimacy. If you’re holding back physically or emotionally in any capacity, you’ll have an ability to let go of these issues that are stopping you from experiencing the full range of love your partner has to offer. If single, you may experience an epiphany that leads you to seek out what you might have spent so much time avoiding in the past — a real transcendental love experience!

Although this sounds beautiful, getting to that point won’t be easy-breezy. It’ll require you to examine deep and often painful wounds that got you so closed off in the first place. The good news? With conscious effort you’ll be able to heal from them once and for all.

After October 26, you’ll have no shortage of opportunity to live life and love to the fullest! Mars will enter your romance sector, where he’ll remain until December 4. Expect a boost in your sex drive, and opportunities to experience the pleasures of life with someone special.

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October Forecast for Leo 

Coasting Along…

Although you’ve had a fair amount of stress in the domestic arena lately, there is finally a bright spot to look forward to this month. Admittedly, it doesn’t appear until after October 23, but you will certainly agree that it’ll have been worth the wait.

Not only will a supportive Solar Eclipse grace your home and family sector on this day, but Venus will also enter the same part of your chart. Together, this influence should leave plenty of opportunity for new and promising beginnings that promote harmony and happiness — no matter what your current circumstances. If you’re thinking about a move, set your intentions after this eclipse.

Before this great energy blesses you, however, you’ll need to navigate past a potentially troublesome Mercury Retrograde cycle. You won’t want to sign contracts, make vital decisions, or schedule brand new meetings to discuss anything potentially game-changing in your world from October 4-25.

Then, on October 26, Mars enters your work sector (remaining here until December 4), allowing you to complete assignments in record time, while also taking a more proactive stance to your overall health and well-being.

Do your best to coast through most of October, because by the end of the month it’ll be clear that things are moving in the right direction for you. Ahhh!

Career: Don’t Jump to Conclusions

October begins with the Sun in gracious Libra and your 3rd House of Communication. This is an excellent transit for smoothing out rough spots with people if both sides express themselves calmly. It’s especially important to speak carefully and listen attentively when chatty Mercury turns backward on October 4. Mercury Retrograde lasts until October 25, signaling a critical period for managing details and maintaining equipment. Avoid jumping to conclusions during this time, when misunderstandings are more common.

Still, it might not be easy to keep your cool around the volatile Full Moon in Aries on October 8. This emotionally-charged event lands in your visionary 9th House of Travel, stirring up restless feelings. Look, if you’re really fed up with your job, it’s understandable to blow your stack. Rebellious Uranus’ close conjunction with the Full Moon fires you up with original thinking and rebellious actions. If you’ve really discovered something brilliant, respect the idea enough to protect it by doing the planning and research needed to turn it into reality.

Enthusiasm could be especially high on October 10, when the Sun aligns favorably with optimistic Jupiter. Rethinking your position is called for when Mercury backs into the Sun on October 16. Don’t stick to something out of willfulness or pride, but stick to things because the concept really corresponds to your deepest needs.

On October 23, the Sun dives into profound Scorpio and your 4th House of Roots, awakening memories and, perhaps, old dreams and goals. Measure your resources of time, money and energy to put yourself on a more solid foundation.

Love: Talk Less, Act More

Communication may be a sore point for you this month, distracting you from enjoying romantic opportunities as much as you’d like. Still, with Mars in your romance sector until October 26, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to get yourself out there and enjoy the pleasures of life and love. Perhaps the secret to your romantic success this month will be to talk less and act more.

Mars is a planet that requires activity. When he travels through your 5th House of Romance (once every two years) there is more of a physical emphasis on romance. You’ll enjoy dating activities that get your heart racing and your blood boiling! Obviously that includes sexual activity, but sex isn’t the only benefit to having Mars in your 5th house. You might decide to take part in sports activities or other physically challenging tasks with your lover. This can be anything from dancing the night away to a DIY home project that makes you sweat. Any of these activities will help bring you closer to your sweetheart.

This is especially helpful to know during a Mercury Retrograde cycle. Mercury will be out of phase from October 4-25, and during this time you might experience more confusion than usual in conversations — including those with your mate. Take it in stride, not personally. In fact, if you see this as an opportunity to redefine how you communicate with your love, it could be quite refreshing. For now, however, October looks like a month you and your special someone should be less mental and more physical. So what are you waiting for? Get busy!

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October Forecast for Cancer 

Radical Change is Afoot

You may have a turning point in your career this month. Although it might not be an easy transition, at the same time you’re at a point where you recognize that radical change is the only way for you to become better connected to your true calling in life.

At the Lunar Eclipse on October 8, this feeling will be impossible to ignore. For some, a jolt to your status may occur that leaves you wondering where you’ll go next. You might be fired unexpectedly, or you may discover circumstances about your current company that leave you scrambling to formulate a “Plan B.” You might already have an exit strategy in the works if you’re unhappy in your field. That’s a good thing. Still, this eclipse might force you to speed up plans; change is a given. As long as you remain true to yourself, you can rest assured that ultimately this transition will be invigorating. The instability of it all won’t last forever.

This might be a good time to pay extra attention to what’s happening on the home front. Mercury Retrograde may stimulate confusing dialogue between you and a relative about a family-related situation. If possible, hold off on finalizing a major decision until after October 25. Make sure you have all of your facts straight first.

If single, a new romance may be on the horizon after October 23. Are you thinking about having a baby? By month’s end everything might fall into place in this regard. If you already have children, expect a happy occurrence for one of them. That should definitely make you smile.

Career: Trust Your Instincts

The Sun’s presence in peace-loving Libra and your 4th House of Roots can inspire objectivity and help you to be more reflective this month, but it might also make it harder to be decisive until October 23. This does offer chances to look at your professional situation with a clearer mind, though, which will come in handy when you’re ready to make a move.

The impulsive Full Moon in Aries on October 8th could provoke you to act boldly and quickly, though. It lands in your 10th House of Career, where it could trigger a crisis or present an unexpected professional opportunity. Considering doing something radical is understandable with this event, and there’s nothing wrong with thinking about taking your work life in a dramatically different direction. Yet, allowing yourself to have more time to ponder the question will probably be more helpful than acting impulsively.

On October 23, the energizing Sun and alluring Venus enter sister Water sign, Scorpio, and your 5th House of Creativity. These transits can enrich your imagination, especially when facing a crisis, or when revisiting old concepts that have been put on the back burner. Your ability to convince others of the value of what you’re doing should grow with these expressive patterns.

October 23 is also the day of the New Moon, providing you with even more fuel for originality, and boosting your willingness to take chances. Being a little more assertive in going after what you want and rejecting what you don’t can work wonders when you trust yourself.

Love: Open Your Heart

Despite Mercury Retrograde for most of this month, your personal romantic prospects are quite wonderful. Still, you may not notice it until very late in the month — near October 23. At that point things start happening with record speed in several exciting ways.

For starters, on October 23, a potent and beneficial Solar Eclipse will fall in your true love sector. On the same day, love planet Venus enters the same area of your chart. Wow! This presents a double-dose of heart-opening potential for you if you’re currently single. The Solar Eclipse is powerful enough alone to help bring someone new into your life. Combined with the annual transit of Venus in this part of your chart, however, it looks like love is just waiting to hit you!

Then, from October 26 to December 4, Mars will enter your relationship sector. If you’re in a committed partnership already, it’s possible you and your mate will start to quarrel over things more than usual. Mars here will certainly add heat to your relationship, but it can also add aggravation. Do your best not to sweat the small stuff, and instead use this energy to help you work on a mutual goal with your partner.

Together, the two of you will be unstoppable.

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October Forecast for Gemini 

Dot Your “I’s” and Cross Your “T’s”

The landscape of your social life will likely experience a thorough renovation this month. Is there a friend who has been getting on your last nerve lately? If so, the drama of this relationship might lead you to realize it’s time to go your separate ways. If a friendship ends near October 8, recognize it as a necessary parting, but try to handle the ending with grace and respect. Harsh, ugly words will only leave you with regret. Who needs that?

With your ruler, Mercury, retrograde from October 4-25, you’ll want to pay extra close attention to how you convey yourself in all areas. For the most part, this Mercury Retrograde phase will affect your love life or your relationship with a child. You might also be re-evaluating a creative project, and if so you’ll initially feel frustrated … but after spending the time on revisions you can rest assured this endeavor will be polished and ready for a great reveal by month’s end.

As far as your love life goes, there might be a few things you need to decipher this month. If you’re attached, you and your sweetheart might send each other mixed signals about the status of things. Or, you may believe you’re on the same page relating to a big mutual decision, only to discover that you’re on totally opposite poles! Remember that with Mercury Retrograde you get to work on the art of listening and speaking with extra care. Don’t evaluate everything that comes your way so fast. Allow yourself to process first.

Career: Dodging the Details

Communication is one of the great assets of your sign, but this could prove to turn into a more complicated subject this month. The reason is that your chatty ruling planet, Mercury, turns retrograde from October 4-25. Messages tend to be muddled, and the details are dodgy during this cycle. Slowing down to make sure you understand what others are saying and that they’re clear about your ideas are excellent ways to avoid problems.

This transit starts in your 6th House of Working Conditions, making it doubly important to be mentally sharp on the job. It could also reawaken interest in developing a skill that you’ve thought about in the past. Technology is another issue during Mercury Retrograde, making this a time when maintenance of equipment is especially important.

The Sun’s presence in gracious Libra until October 23rd shows off your charm and people skills, though. Lovely Venus is on the same path, which is excellent for making impressive presentations. But putting on a show to get a job, sell an idea, or to initiate a project is the easy part. Delivering on your promises in the weeks to come is the greater challenge.

When the Sun enters Scorpio and your 6th House on October 23, a greater degree of focus and intensity may demanded of you. Learning to thrive on pressure and being more efficient in how you take care of business not only reduces risks, but it empowers you to make the very most out of your abilities.

Love: Romance in Retrograde

Anticipate more than a few changes in how you think about romantic matters this month. Mercury, your ruler, will turn retrograde on October 4 , and will remain retrograde until October 25. After October 10, Mercury will backtrack into your true love sector, and that’s when the most important changes concerning your mindset, communication and love begin to happen. If you’re dating someone, it’s possible that you and your lover will experience a few misunderstood words exchanged between the two of you.

If there’s a significant decision you need to make about a relationship — or with your partner — you might have extra trouble now. That’s because you might run from one possible scenario in your mind to the next, creating problems in your mind that don’t even exist. Or, you might not fully understand all of the information being presented in order to make an informed choice about the situation. Hold back until the end of the month before you commit to any firm decision. Use this time to analyze, re-evaluate, and continue conversations about what’s happening.

Whether single or attached, an old flame may come back into your life this month. Now THAT would be interesting … and potentially confusing!

(Source: tarot.com)

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