September Forecast for Pisces 

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

You might spend most of the month convinced that things between you and your mate are too good to be true. Instead of second guessing your relationship, why not just sit back and enjoy the bliss?

Love planet Venus will tour your partnership sector from September 5-29, adding plenty of harmony to your union. A good relationship will only get better under these conditions. If you’re dating someone and you want to take things to the next level, this will be an ideal time to make a stronger commitment. If you partner up in business with anyone during this time it’s sure to be a happy alliance that benefits both of you.

You might feel unsteady about your relationship on September 10, when Venus opposes Neptune in your sign. This nebulous link can help you not sweat the small stuff in your love life, but it can also make you come across as disingenuous to your mate. Do something romantic together on this day rather than make any life-altering decisions. The bliss will quickly return on September 14 and 21.

Professionally, you’re about to enter a fantastic phase to launch a new business or reach for a promotion. Mars will tour your career sector from September 13 until October 26. This is a surefire signal from the universe that it’s time to make things happen. Any goal can be met now. What are you waiting for?

Career: Mutual Trust

Partnerships are likely to play a very important role in your professional life this month. Dealing with picky individuals might be challenging, but if the details and criticism you must face help you become more efficient, it’s worth the effort. Of course, there’s little reason to accept disrespectful behavior from others, but it’s your willingness to learn from mistakes that can turn a problem into a potential launching pad.

Knowing what you want from others is essential to building the kind of professional alliance you desire. Finding people whose skills complement yours is a good way to tap into the planetary patterns this month. If you have your own business, demonstrating the unique value of what you offer should attract new customers.

On September 8, the Full Moon is in your sign, which can raise the level of your already sensitive emotions. The positive side of this is an awakening of self-awareness and getting more attention. The downside is becoming overly dramatic, and turning a small issue into a major crisis. Of course, if you want to leave your current position, the intensity of your feelings may be what’s needed to motivate you to make a bold move.

More peaceful connections come with the Sun’s transit into tranquil Libra and your 8th House of Deep Sharing on September 22. Fairness becomes the critical element that builds successful working relationships. Don’t be shy about discussing things if you feel underappreciated. It might be awkward to bring these up, but communication’s the key to creating mutual trust.

Love: Perfect Harmony

Harmony between you and your partner will be nearly effortless to achieve this month. Venus will enter your relationship sector from September 5-29. During this once-a-year transit, you can anticipate a greater sense of joy and peace in all partnership matters — business and personal. If you’re married or in a committed relationship, expect the love and goodness to flow! If you’re dating someone and you know that he or she is “the one,” you may decide to strengthen your commitment to one another during this time. Talks about moving in together, becoming engaged, or getting married are all possible scenarios.

A Full Moon will fall in your sign on September 8, leaving you more open emotionally than usual. You may want to use this time of enlightenment and awareness to reveal yourself fully to your mate.

On September 10, you might feel a strong sense of idealism in the relationship, or not wanting to see something that you really need to address. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless you have reason to believe your partner is not being true to you. If, by chance, you are hiding something from your mate, you may feel guilty during this time and will want to “come clean.” The opposite may also be true. Either way, healing and forgiveness is likely.

A grand social time with your partner is likely from September 14-21, when you’ll feel extremely solid in your shared beliefs. Being on the same page with your partner is a priceless gift. This month, it’s yours.


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September Forecast for Aquarius 

Return on Investment

A favorable focus on finances is likely this month. From September 5-29, Venus will tour the area of your chart that has to do with money from sources other than your direct income. You might discover that an investment has paid off with a lovely return. You might also receive a royalty payment, settlement money that’s owed to you, or you may benefit financially from a happy change in your insurance coverage terms.

On September 8, a Full Moon in your earned-income sector will have you quite aware of money and budgetary concerns. You might feel worried, but try to relax if so. There’s every indication your worry is unwarranted. In fact, it’s likely you can have a successful conversation with your boss about a salary increase. The only thing you’ll need to overcome is your potential fear associated with having this dialogue. What’s the worst thing that can happen?

After September 13, you might have more energy for a social life. In fact, there may be a group you’re motivated to connect with. Pursuing knowledge about a shared interest with friends will delight you to no end now. Make time for it.

Expect a surprise from your partner on September 25. A decision you make together on this day will benefit both of you.

Career: Two Paths Diverge…

The innovative and freedom-loving parts of your personality are likely to be tested this month. That’s because the Sun is in hypercritical Virgo, where every detail counts. The innovative and easygoing way you like to work with others could be slowed by the need to work out the mechanics of how you can be a productive partner. This solar transit occurs in your 8th House of Deep Sharing, where it can complicate working relationships unless you’re disciplined enough to operate within a tightly defined system.

But if you need to narrow your focus and let go of wild ideas for the time being, it’s only to demonstrate your worth to others and to build alliances that can help you to reach your dreams. Grinding away at what might feel like petty matters and administrative issues is not your idea of fun, but it might be unavoidable now.

There’s a significant shift when the Sun enters Libra, a sister Air sign, on September 22, followed by the New Moon in this cooperative sign on September 24. These events occur in your visionary 9th House of Travel, where you can be inspired by big ideas and open-minded individuals.

What’s most exciting is the potential for creative thinking that’s fired up by expansive Jupiter in Leo’s favorable trine with your revolutionary ruling planet Uranus on September 25. This mind-blowing aspect lasts for up to 10 days (five days before and after September 25). Thinking outside the box can open a brand new perspective on getting more out of your current working situation, or discovering a road to a more fulfilling one.

Love: Making Magic

You’re in a good place when it comes to love and relationships, thanks to Jupiter touring your partnership sector until August 2015. If you’re married or in a committed union, it’s likely things will only continue to get better. This month, near September 25, you can expect an almost magical conversation between you and your mate that has the power to make you feel as if you’ve truly won the relationship jackpot.

From September 5-29, love planet Venus will even help you improve the intimacy level you and your mate share. Venus will tour your 8th House of Shared Resources during this time. On a mundane level, you might learn that your partner will receive a salary increase or other financial boost that you’ll benefit from. Emotionally, this will be a potent time when you’ll feel more comfortable sharing yourself at a soul level with your sweetie.

If you are in a position where your relationship is not where you’d like it to be, you might decide to enter couple’s counseling this month. If so, rejoice. There is a phenomenal amount of support the universe will give you to help you and your love find your way back to happiness! A real breakthrough is possible on September 14. Seize it.


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September Forecast for Capricorn 

Internal Affairs

You might hear news from a sibling or cousin near September 8. Although it’s likely to stir an emotional chord, it appears to be a happy one. Perhaps you’ll learn that a significant dream has come true for this member of your clan. Even better, it’s possible that he or she will help make one of your own aspirations materialize.

If you’re in the writing or communications industry, a vital project might be completed near this time. It’s also possible that a contract will expire and you’ll decide whether or not to re-negotiate. Everything appears favorable to you if you decide to sign.

After September 13, you might feel as if you’ve gone into a type of hibernation. Mars, the planet of action and energy, will move into the most hidden part of your chart until October 26. While it’s true your muscle might not be visible to others now, make no mistake: This is a potent time. You’ll build inner strength in a significant way, and you’ll likely work behind the scenes furiously on a special project that’ll be ready for its great reveal in late October.

A new career move is possible after September 23. If you are happy in your current position, a climb in status may arrive in a different way. You’ll be pleased.

Career: Mixing Business with Pleasure

The month begins with the ultra-practical Virgo Sun in your 9th House of Faraway Places and Higher Learning. This is an ideal pattern for getting additional training or education, and for making connections with people in distant locations. Mixing business and travel would be ideal, especially when pleasurable Venus enters Virgo and this expansive part of your chart.

But even if your mind is growing sharper, it’s important to express yourself with compassion and kindness around the sensitive Pisces Full Moon on September 8. It lands in your 3rd House of Communication, sparking creative revelations if you allow your thoughts to wander. Clarity and commitment come to the fore when the Sun aligns favorably with your responsible ruling planet Saturn on September 11.

Yet even if you have all of your ducks in a row, you might be surprised by unexpected pressures when assertive Mars enters Sagittarius and your hidden 12th House of Privacy on September 13. You may have to work behind the scenes without getting the credit you deserve. However, if supporting others without recognition inspires your imagination and expands your ambitions, it’s worth the effort.

On September 22, the Sun enters lovely Libra and your 10th House of Career, putting professional matters into focus. The New Moon in this harmonious sign on September 24 indicates that partnerships could be the key to your success. Knowing how to make appropriate compromises and becoming a more skillful negotiator could be critical issues in maintaining the peace and advancing your professional interests.

Love: Head Over Heels

The potential for love to arrive in the most far-reaching places this month is extraordinary. Are you planning to take a trip to another part of the world? If so, it’s quite possible you’ll meet someone from this location and you will fall head over heels in love. Of course, not everyone will have the opportunity to travel internationally and if you don’t, romance can find you in other ways.

If you’re going back to school for an advanced degree, license or certification, it’s possible you’ll meet someone captivating right on your college campus or in the classroom! In certain instances, that person might even be the teacher! Whoever you do meet now will be the kind of person with a mind you truly admire. You’ll learn so much from this person about subjects that intrigue and inspire you.

Whether you’re single, dating someone new, or in a relationship, romantic prospects will gleam on September 14, when Venus will be at a perfect angle to Pluto, now in your sign. The potential for your lover to completely change your life is possible near this time. The power of love is amazing!


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September Forecast for Sagittarius 

No Guts, No Glory

Not only will business pick up for you this month, but you’ll also notice an incredible surge of energy that will help you move mountains in just about any area of your life!

On September 8, Venus will enter your career sector, and she will remain in this part of your chart until September 29. Expect to impress your boss with plenty of charm, as well as your considerable talents. Thinking about asking for a raise? Do so near September 14.

On September 13, Mars will enter your sign for the first time in nearly two years. Mars remains in Sagittarius until October 26, and during this stretch you’ll have phenomenal success with anything you launch. Why? Not only will you have extra stamina to see anything through, but you’ll also have the courage to do something that you previously told yourself needed to wait

If you wait and wait, you now realize it’ll never happen. Sometimes in life, you just have to take the plunge and there’s every indication you’re ready to do this now. Remember, no guts, no glory. This month you’ll have plenty of both at your disposal.

Career: Attention to Detail

Work-related issues should be a point of focus during the first three weeks of this month. That’s because the Sun in precise and practical Virgo will be in your 10th House of Career until then. This can be challenging, in that paying attention to details you’d often prefer to ignore can make the difference between frustration and success. While it’s understandable to feel hemmed in by all the petty obligations of your life, handling them with as much grace and skill you can is highly recommended.

In fact, rewarding Venus enters Virgo and this very public part of your chart on September 5, putting a premium on professional relationships. You might need to put the needs of others before your own in the interest of harmony. Yet by making this kind of sacrifice you can earn the respect of colleagues who will be more supportive of you later.

Besides, lining up allies is a great idea heading toward the Sun’s move into cooperative Libra and your group-oriented 11th House on September 22. A New Moon in this collaborative part of your chart on September 24 can inspire bright ideas that require other people to pull it off. This also means that compromises will be required, so avoid locking yourself into a rigid position where changing your mind could be embarrassing.

Creativity could be off the hook in the last week of the month, as your visionary and optimistic ruling planet, Jupiter, forms a harmonious trine with inventive Uranus on September 25.

Love: Romantic Adventure Awaits

If you can’t respect and admire your lover for his or her achievements, it might not be possible to continue the relationship. This month you will value success, ambition, and a strong work ethic much more than usual. As a result, you’ll want to feel proud of the man or woman you’re with. If you sense that your sweetheart is floundering professionally, or wandering aimlessly with no goals, it’s likely to become a problem. In fact, it may be an absolute turn-off.

The good news, however, is that there is a much stronger chance you WILL be proud of your mate for his her career advances. Look to September 14 and September 21 for a clear indication that your partner is succeeding at moving mountains. Your support in this endeavor will make all the difference!

If you’re single, an absolute surprise may occur on September 25, leading you to meet someone extremely special. While a one-night stand is possible, it’s more likely you will decide to take a breathtaking adventure with someone you feel passionately about.

Your passions, by the way, will certainly increase this month. Mars will tour your sign from September 13 to October 26, and you’ll be unstoppable.


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September Forecast for Scorpio 

Sparkling Conversation

Expect a positive boost to your social life from September 5-29. You might initially feel more discerning about the company you keep, but the good news is that there are plenty of pals who will pass your litmus test! You’ll enjoy at least one group activity that centers around health and wellness. Consider attending an expo, workshop or other meeting about a fitness or diet topic that interests you.

If you’re looking to make a love connection, you might meet a special someone who shares these interests during the month. If a friend offers to set you up on a date, be sure to accept! A blind date may turn into love at first sight on September 10. Conversations with friends or a lover will sparkle on September 14.

If you’re dating someone, expect a turning point in the relationship near September 8. You might realize you’ve fallen in love, and if so you’ll want to declare it to your sweetheart in a spiritually beautiful way. If it hasn’t happened yet, the relationship might also move to something more physical. You’ll feel a wonderful bond with your lover during this time.

In career news, a delicious surprise is yours on September 25. You might receive a major opportunity at work. Perhaps you’ll be put in charge of a significant project. A promotion is also possible. Take a risk and display your most unusual or innovative talents to the boss on this day. You’ll be glad you did.

Career: Slippery Slopes

Use that deep mind of yours to be an especially acute observer this month. The Sun is in sharp-thinking Virgo and your 11th House of Groups until September 22, giving you extra insight into the working of teams and organizations. Aggressive Mars is in your sign until September 13, though, which can tempt you to push stubbornly for what you want in spite of resistance from others.

On the other hand, you can use this drive to motivate a team and find ways for it to operate more efficiently. A key, naturally, is that you have to share the same goal. If not, conflict with colleagues is possible. On September 13, your traditional ruling planet, Mars, rockets into visionary and restless Sagittarius. This occurs in your 2nd House of Assets, spurring you to spend more money and energy pursuing goals that might not be entirely practical.

While spending money on learning never hurts, don’t put so much into it that recovering your investment will be unlikely. If you’re going to step into new waters, such as a different job or educational situation, take careful steps until you’re anchored in it solidly.

Life could be a little slippery around September 21 (a Sunday, but operating through Tuesday), when Mars forms a challenging square with dreamy Neptune. This is wonderful for doing acts of kindness and using your imagination, but it is not particularly strong on details and practical matters. Mental Mercury’s move into Scorpio on September 27 sharpens your thinking and allows you to be a more influential communicator.

Love: Soul Connection

Your love life and your social life will certainly be a strong focus this month. On September 5, Venus will move into the area of your chart that involves groups, friends, and all social networking. With the planet of love here until September 29, it’s possible you will decide to explore any romantic potential you feel with a friend. This will be much more than a “friends with benefits” situation. You and this pal would have a strong mutual respect and affinity for one another. The chemistry might no longer be possible to ignore.

Confusion about this may reach a height from September 8-10, but after this time you will feel a greater sense of clarity about whether or not this is the right move to make. Either way, romance is illuminated on September 8, thanks to a Full Moon in your true love sector. You might express your love for the very first time to someone you’ve been dating. You might also feel that you have a true spiritual, soul mate connection.

On September 14, a positive conversation with a love interest is possible. If you’ve considered online dating, this will be an ideal date to schedule a first meeting. On September 21, love will feel extra special and secure — no matter what the personal circumstances behind your love life are.


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September Forecast for Libra 

Untangling Knots

You might crave extra privacy when it comes to your love life until September 29. Perhaps you feel as if you and your sweetheart need extra time alone, without any distraction from the world’s chaos. If so, it’ll be a great month to consider a couples retreat or a spa getaway. Another possibility is that you’re in a place relationship-wise where you need to be alone in order to sort things out. You may need to figure out whether or not the person you’re with (or hope to be with) is truly right for you.

Is there something about this relationship that needs to stay “under wraps” for any reason? If so, that situation might no longer work for you. Are you involved in a concealed affair? If so, the pain of it all might become more than you can bear. Ask yourself why you choose to be with someone you can’t truly have. Once you untangle that knot in your heart you’ll truly be free to love someone else fully.

On September 8, you may hear news that someone you work with is leaving the office. Or, if you’re self-employed, it’s possible you’ll need to let someone go. In either scenario, it doesn’t appear to be the kind of change that is wrought with drama. You might also finish up a major assignment during this time — one that pays off quite well financially.

Expect plenty of courage to back up your thoughts and words after September 13. You’ll stand up for yourself in any conversation, and you will hold your own in a debate. This trend will last until October 26, so be sure to use it well!

A New Moon in your sign on September 23 signals a personal fresh start. Venus entering your sign on September 29 will help you achieve it with an extra dose of charm.

Career: Go Behind the Scenes

Your mind may be ahead of reality during the first three weeks of September. That’s because intellectual Mercury enters Libra on September 1 to stimulate communication and inspire new ideas. And although you may be seeing a situation very clearly, others might not be ready to hear it.

The reason is that the life-giving Sun is in Virgo and the obscure 12th House of Privacy — a part of your chart where getting attention can be difficult. If you can’t get the response you want, or if you recognize that the moment isn’t quite ripe for a major statement, use this time to build support behind the scenes, and continue to examine and refine your plan.

Working relationships could be a little rocky when your sociable ruling planet Venus clashes with potent Pluto on September 9 and erratic Uranus on September 13. Power struggles, manipulation and mistrust are possible on the first date, and craziness, chaos and surprises on the second.

There’s a major shift later in the month, though, when the Sun enters your sign on September 22. This is favorable for getting more visibility and feeling more confidence. In fact, two days later the Moon joins the Sun for a New Moon in Libra on September 24, which should put some fuel in your emotional and intellectual tank. Brilliant ideas and fresh perspectives are excellent for getting a fresh start where you are or in a new work situation.

Your charm comes to surface, too, when alluring Venus moves into Libra on September 29, making you more appealing than ever.

Love: Sweet Talk

If you’re married, or if you’re in a committed partnership, you can expect a decided shift in the communication tone of your relationship this month. On September 13, Mars, the ruler of your relationship sector, will move into the message sector of your horoscope, where he’ll remain until October 26. During this time you and your mate are sure to enjoy livelier exchanges of dialogue. You might feel more passionate about talking to each other, and the conversations you have will surely be more stimulating. In addition, you’ll have the courage to broach a topic you previously felt inhibited about bringing up.

Expect an absolute blessing from your partner near September 25. This will be an ultra-lucky day for everyone, but in your case it ties directly into your mate. He or she might realize a personal dream, or they might help you reach one of your own. In many ways you’ll feel like this is a major “win” and windfall. It is. A New Moon in your sign on September 23 will only make this even lovelier.

If you’re single, you might spend time this month considering any internal work that needs to be done relating to love and your capacity to give and receive it. A breakthrough is possible, so if it makes sense to talk to a counselor about what is blocking you in matters of the heart, this will be the month to do so.


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September Forecast for Virgo 

Fairest of Them All

Once Venus enters your sign on September 5, you’ll feel like the “fairest of them all.” Indeed, you are! Until September 29, you’ll have an extra dose of confidence, grace and charm, which will surely enhance your magnetism. You’ll have a wonderful boost in attracting others your way effortlessly while Venus is in your sign. If you’re single and hoping for a love connection, be sure to circulate.

Pay close attention to events near September 14, when love planet Venus will make a gorgeous link to transformational Pluto, now in your true love sector. If you’re already attached, pay attention to September 10, when Venus opposes Neptune. You’ll overlook a flaw in your mate that you might later regret.

Overall, however, partnership matters are in a good place for you. A Full Moon in your relationship sector on September 8 will likely lead to a fulfilling conversation between you and your mate. You’ll feel certain that one thing you share is rock solid communication.

Expect good financial news after September 23. A New Moon will fall in your earned-income sector, infusing you with opportunity to generate greater cash flow. Then, a lucky break on September 25 might lead to a sudden windfall from a most unexpected source!

Career: Make a Fresh Start

This is your month to get a fresh start with the Sun in your super-competent sign until September 22. Begin on a personal level by establishing healthy habits. Keeping your health at its highest level provides the force you need to advance your professional interests. Noticing where you can use improvement is helpful when criticism is constructive. If you can’t apply an idea, don’t waste your time with it.

Charming Venus enters Virgo and your 1st House of Personality on September 5, raising your levels of charm and magnetism. Finding and appreciating the best things about yourself sends a positive message of your worth and desirability to others. Yet even if your behavior is perfect, there’s some chance of a dust-up when your ruling planet Mercury runs into tough aspects with provocative Pluto on September 9 and unpredictable Uranus on September 13.

Flexibility is a key to stepping through tense situations without setting off any mines. This is not a time for a showdown — unless you’re prepared to end a working relationship or a job. On the plus side, though, these transits can deepen your perceptions to expose hidden information and to open your mind to bright new ideas.

Considering what compromises you can make to maintain or start a working partnership is useful when Mercury joins the integrative Lunar North Node on September 16. Being with a person with whom you can bounce off ideas gives you a chance to see several sides of any situation. This brings good judgment, reduces the likelihood of conflict, and increases your chances of success.

Love: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Congratulations! This month, Virgo, you are the “fairest of them all,” thanks to Venus moving into your sign on September 5. You’ll enjoy the blessings of the planet of love, beauty and harmony infusing you with goodness until September 29. When Venus is in your sign, it’s traditionally a time of enhanced confidence and powers of attraction. You feel good, look good, and you magically send out a vibe that makes you irresistible to others. As a result, if you’re looking for love it’ll be easier than ever to find it!

Even if you’re in a relationship, this energy will benefit you. Because you’ll come across as more charming and gracious, your mate will be more receptive to you. This means you can expect a gorgeous month of peace and joy between you and your partner. A Full Moon on September 8 will fall in your relationship sector, allowing the potential to exchange a full depth of emotion between the two of you. You might feel so in love with your mate that you’ve got him or her up on a pedestal — untouchable! Be aware that on September 10 those rose-colored glasses of idealism might be extra strong. Of course, if you’re in a good relationship this won’t be a problem. There’s nothing wrong with choosing to see only the best in your love. If, however, things have been rocky between you and your partner, the days from September 8-10 might result in disappointment.

Still, you’ll have a great opportunity to recover on September 14. Venus will be at a gorgeous angle to Pluto, the planet of intense transformation, now in your true love sector. Then, on September 21, Venus will make a perfect link to stabilizing Saturn. You’ll know that no matter what, love can conquer all. All you need to do is choose love instead of perfection. Can you?


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September Forecast for Leo 

Pursuit of Pleasure

Your finances will likely receive a welcome boost this month, especially from September 5-29. Venus will tour your earned-income sector during this time, so you can expect more confidence to take advantage of a money-making opportunity that arises. Beyond this, with Venus in the part of your chart that rules your self-worth, it’s likely you’ll have a greater sense of esteem about your talents and your ability to monetize them. This mindset alone can be the catalyst towards enhanced cash flow.

A Full Moon in your 8th House of Shared Resources may put the spotlight on your spouse’s income, an insurance or investment matter, or even an inheritance or settlement. Expect good news — especially if family finances are connected somehow.

After September 13 and until October 26, action planet Mars will tour the area of your chart that has to do with romance and pleasure. You’ll feel motivated to pursue what makes you happiest. A positive link between Jupiter and Uranus on September 25 may add an unexpected surprise that’s sure to delight you! Take a risk on this day — you’re sure to be rewarded.

Sign contracts or make important decisions with confidence after September 25. Talk to a partner, and use his or her as a sounding board before you move forward with important plans. You’ll be glad you did.

Career: Proceed with Caution

It’s the little things that count in your professional life for much of this month. September begins with the Sun in careful Virgo and your 2nd House of Resources, where a more cautious approach is recommended. Instead of pushing for new projects or spending big money on education and tools, make sure you’re getting the most out of what you already have.

If you’re feeling under-appreciated or underpaid, this is an excellent time to look at the assets you already have. Connections, competence and equipment that are undervalued may be used in different ways to enrich your working life. Maybe there’s an area of specialization where you can concentrate your efforts and get more money and recognition in return.

Be discreet about sharing big plans around the Pisces Full Moon on September 8. It lands in your 8th House of Deep Connections, where you might encounter unrealistic individuals or someone whose judgment is off. While compassion and some inspiration from others is possible, it may be best to keep your own counsel when it comes to making any important decisions.

You get a boost of energy on September 13, when dynamic Mars enters fiery Sagittarius and your expressive 5th House of Creativity and Romance. Creativity and confidence are likely to rise, making you a more convincing presenter of your ideas. But don’t get carried away by your enthusiasm when it’s going to take hard facts and mastery of details to transform a bold concept into reality. Being playful allows you to propose ideas informally rather than making a serious pitch.

Love: Bringin’ Sexy Back

Are you ready to get your sexy on? You’re already hot stuff, Leo — no one will dispute that! This month, however, there’s an extra-special boost from the universe that will guarantee you receive more pleasure and excitement in your life than you have in quite some time.

On September 13, Mars, the planet of action and energy (and the planet that rules your libido) will enter the area of your chart that has to do with love, romance, fun and entertainment. This amazing event only happens once every two years, and you’ll enjoy it until October 26. During this time you will be motivated to pursue what (and who) makes you feel the greatest amount of joy, physically and emotionally. Your sex life will be more active, and if you’ve had a dry spell recently, you can count on it being over very soon. In fact, you might have an opportunity for multiple partners. If you’re more of an exclusive lover type, then you will find that you and your sweetie are enjoying more sparks in the bedroom. Just don’t take a sexual fantasy too far on September 21 or you may be in for a disappointing reality check. And if you decide to go all the way with a new partner during this time, be smart about it. Safe sex all the way!

On September 25, Jupiter, now in your sign, will be at a gorgeous trine to Uranus, the planet of sudden developments. This will infuse your love life with even more exciting juice! You and your mate could decide to take an impromptu vacation together, or you may indulge in an adventure you’ve always wanted to. If there’s someone you have your eye on, take a gamble and open your heart. You’ll be glad you did.


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September Forecast for Cancer 

Use Your Words

If you’re a writer, or if you work in the sales or communications industry, you might receive a welcome boost in income this month. From September 5-29, you might also negotiate a stellar contract or seal a fabulous deal pertaining to any of these areas. Use your gift of gab to your advantage during these weeks. You’ll have an enhanced ability to work any situation to your advantage without coming across in a way that’s crass.

Your relationship with siblings may also improve dramatically now. Expect to hear positive news from one of them about a life event that’s surely worth celebrating. This can be anything from a career milestone, to news of an engagement or baby on the way. You might also decide to take a trip this month and if so, you’ll enjoy it immensely. Consider a family reunion!

At the office, relationships may become tense after September 13. You might not have an easy time collaborating with a coworker, and things may soon become quite frustrating if you’re assigned to complete an important project together. You’ll want to stick to your outline, and you may not be receptive to hearing that there could be a better way to streamline the project. Consider that it’s possible someone at the office has a way to make your life easier, and see it as a positive rather than allowing your ego to get in the way. The good news? You’ll meet deadlines in record time.

After September 23, it’ll be obvious that a fresh start is happening at home. You might decide to move or buy or sell property.

Career: Logical Conclusions

You tend to operate quite a bit based upon feelings with the Sun in sensitive Cancer. However, September opens with an emphasis on logic, thanks to a solar transit of pragmatic Virgo in your 3rd House of Information. This means that knowing and sticking to facts is especially important now.

Of course, emotions cannot be banished from reality, but putting reason first is a must. If you have something difficult to say, study and rehearse so you can present your point of view with control and confidence. Learning new subjects or deepening your knowledge in a technical area is a positive use of this transit.

Staying focused on the here and now can be difficult around the Pisces Full Moon on September 8, though. This lunation lands in your visionary 9th House of Travel, where it spurs dreams of faraway places and more inspiring experiences. Escapist feelings can be expected, but a more useful application of this wanderlust is to either find new meaning in your current line of work or to recognize that you might consider changing the course of your career.

The New Moon on September 24 is in objective Libra and your 4th House of Security. This can provide you with a fresh perspective on where you stand and where you’d like to go. Discussing options with someone you trust will produce better long-term results than keeping your thoughts to yourself. A supportive individual can point out areas you’ve overlooked and provide the strategic support needed in advance of making a major move.

Love: Sparks Will Fly!

If you’re looking for love, you may not need to go very far. There’s a strong indication that romance can be found right in your own backyard this month. Between September 5- 29, love planet Venus will tour your 3rd House of Information. This is the area of your chart that has to do with your neighborhood, siblings, short distance travel and communication. Do you live in an apartment building? Perhaps someone sexy will move in and you’ll invite him or her over for a neighborly drink. If you live in a private house it’s possible your neighbors will throw a party in their backyard and you’ll run into one of the guests as you’re going about your business. Sparks will fly!

Be sure to accept any invitation to attend a community meeting because it’s possible you’ll meet someone in this way. And, of course, if a brother or sister offers to set you up on a date, it’s time to suck it up and accept. You might be pleasantly surprised!

If you’re already attached, you’ll notice there’s a gorgeous boost in communication between you and your mate this month. On September 14, you might have a conversation that deepens your bond more than you thought possible. You might also make a positive, life-changing decision together. Wow!

If you are dating someone new and things are going well, you might express your growing feelings for this person near September 21. You might even talk about sex, discussing when to take things to the next level (if you haven’t already done so). Either way, you’ll enjoy an open, honest conversation about what you both enjoy in the bedroom.


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September Forecast for Gemini 

Sweet September

Life at home is about to become even sweeter. From September 5-29, you’ll enjoy a special phase of harmony between you and your clan, thanks to Venus touring your family sector. You might also decide to decorate your living space during this cycle. If so, remember not to break the bank because your eye will naturally be drawn to the most expensive furniture and accessories. Still, whatever you buy for the house during this time is sure to be an addition you absolutely love.

On September 8, you might be in the spotlight for a career achievement. Your boss or another VIP may notice your more creative work now, and if that’s the case you can expect glowing praise. Another possibility is that you’ll feel as if it’s more important than ever to follow your bliss when it comes to your profession. If you’re not in an industry that’s connected to your calling, it might be time for a change. If you are, this could be an extra fulfilling time.

If you’re in a relationship, you might stir the pot more after September 13. Warrior planet Mars will enter your relationship sector, adding plenty of motivation to get what you want out of a partnership. The problem is that with Mars here there’s not much room for compromise. You’ll want things your way in the relationship, and that might not fly very well with your mate. Single? A New Moon in your romance sector on September 23 might lead to the start of something magical between you and someone special.

Career: Grace Under Fire

Being gracious when facing petty problems will be a major asset at work for you this month. The Sun is in analytical Virgo until September 22, which requires you to focus more on details, rules and systems than is your usual style. You might even feel picked on, question your competence, or decide you’re above the petty tasks that are part of your job.

Yet your brainy ruling planet Mercury enters socially skillful Libra and your 5th House of Self-Expression on September 1, enhancing your people skills and your gift of gab. Just be careful about selling a plan that you’re not fully prepared to execute. Getting people to say “yes” can be easier than usual, but any project is likely to be more complicated than expected.

The revelatory Full Moon on September 8 lands in your 10th House of Career, which can open your eyes to a big picture view of your professional situation. If you’re out on a limb of commitments that are beyond your abilities, or if you’re simply so uninspired by your job that you don’t want to do it, start to consider making some major changes. But if you haven’t gone past the limits of your competence or interest, recognition from others can raise your status.

The Sun’s move into Libra on September 22 boosts your confidence gently, making you an even more persuasive presenter of your ideas. The key to a successful pitch is to see the link clearly between your desires and the audience’s needs. When they’re in harmony with one another, success has an excellent chance to follow.

Love: Shoot for the Moon

Your family will have a lot more to say about the status of your love life this month. From September 5-29, you’ll either find yourself introducing your sweetie to your clan, or you’ll notice that a relative will offer his or her input about the person you’re dating. You might not like everything you hear — especially on September 10.

Perhaps you have a blind spot when it comes to the person you’re dating. If so, trust that your tribe will point it out to you. This doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker to the relationship — in fact, it most likely won’t. Still, it’ll be helpful if you’re willing to open your eyes to an imperfection about your relationship or your mate. There’s a fantastic opportunity to iron this wrinkle right out. By September 14, you’ll likely feel a greater sense of depth and intimacy with your mate, all thanks to your family.

If you’re in a relationship where you live together, it’s possible you’ll feel confused about a domestic matter on September 10. Hold off on decisions about real estate or shared finances with your love until September 14, when you’ll have a stronger ability to make a mutually empowering choice.

If single, there’s a glimmer of promise for you to meet someone new and fall in love at the New Moon on September 23. This lunation will occur in your romance sector, and over the next 10 days your power of intention in this area will be strong. Accept all social invitations because you never know who you’ll meet. After September 29, love planet Venus will enter the same part of your chart, adding even more power to this New Moon. Use it well.


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